Qingdao University delegation visited Asia University!

  • 2018-12-07

Qingdao University delegation visited Asia University!

Qingdao University delegation visited Asia University!

Xia Dongwei, the president of Qingdao University, led supervisors to visit Asia University and had a discussion of academic exchanges between two universities.


http://www.asia.edu.tw/upload/news/2018/10/29/1540803680.jpg Caption: The president of  Asia University, Jeffrey  Tsai (right), presented      a gift to Fan Yue-jin ,former secretary of    Qingdao University.



           Caption: Dongwei Hsia, the Principal of            Qingdao University(left) andthe president              of Asia University, Jeffrey Tsai signed the             MOU of  the sister school.



On October 23rd, Dongwei Hsia, the Principal of Qingdao University, led a delegation consisting of six school supervisors to visit Asia University, Taiwan. Moreover, he signed an MOU of partner universities with Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, the Principal of Asia University, enhancing the further academic exchange between the two universities.

Jeffrey J.P. Tsai. pointed out that Qingdao University was a time-honored university with a history of more than one century and hiring several national lecturer at the same time, and thus, it was supposed to lead young Asia University to strengthen the scientific research, collaboration, and communication by the hand with its rich resources.




Caption: The president of Qingdao University, Dongwei Hsia briefing, introduced the development vision of the school. .