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About Us

The Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration (OIAC) was launched in 2012. It was established to procure industry-academia cooperation, strengthen commercialization of patented products. For the use of school resources, promoting the implementation of research results, establishing a comprehensive cultivating environment, providing the services of industrial innovation, transformation and investment. To promote the all-round and cross-field cooperation among industries, academia and government agencies.
OIAC is divided into three divisions :
Innovation and Incubation Division
1. Assist teachers and students in commercializing their research results.
2. Organize activities promoting creativity,innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.
3. Professional commercial service: Advisory and consulting services on law, patent, intellectual property rights, accounting, funding, technology & commerce, and computer information networks.
Industry-Academia Cooperation Administrative Division
1. advocate and promote industry-academia cooperation.
2. Organize shows and exhibitions for the results of industry-academia cooperation.
3. Promote the establishment and operation of Academia-Industry Consortium.
Patent & Technology Transfer Division
1. promote and transfer research results, competition  entries, and patent rights.
2. Collect and register patent information and produce patent manuals and final reports for the NSC.
3. Undertake matters and businesses related to patent application, maintenance, and management.
4. Support is offered to Republic of China patent and foreign patent applications.
5. Providing counselling to faculty regarding the promotion and commercialization of their research findings.
6. Promoting industry-university collaboration and safeguarding intellectual property rights.
To integrate our R&D achievements, excellent R&D talents and industrial resources to jointly research and develop new products and technologies; to assist SMEs to apply the emerging technologies and R&D products, promote the Health Industry upgrading and economic development, expecting to create a win-win result.
To assist start-up firms to successfully enter a business – with the goal of achieving stability, growth, prosperity and excellence.
To promote the development & application of innovative technology & products.
1. To promote all types of industry-academia cooperation projects.
2. To  introduce  external resources.
3. To create channels for technology transfer of various kinds of intellectual property.
4. To provide teachers and students with courses for creativity and entrepreneurship.
5. To introduce knowledge counseling for technical entrepreneurship.
6. To increase the capacity of innovation and creation.