Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Speech: Work Hard Play Hard! Build Your Interdisciplinary Creative Life!

  • 2019-03-06

Program in Entrepreneurship in Asia University invited Ms. Han-Yun Chen, the principal of 好創整合行銷, to give a speech.

With the title “Build Your Interdisciplinary Creative Life”, she shared her attitude toward the life when she was a student anda graduate respectively.

She indicated that students can make use of the various resources in the university to broaden thehorizons and learn the cooperation between different fields. “Create your own value in the current environment,” Ms. Chenencouraged the students.

Figure: Ms. Qian-Hui Yang (Left) Awarding a Certificate to Ms. Han-Yun Chen (Right)


“Accumulate your own potential, seize every opportunity, and achieve your dream step by step,” said Qian-Hui Yang fromDepartment of Creative Product Design.

She said one will get closer to the dream by perseverance although there aremany obstacles on the way. By cherishing the connections nearby, many opportunities will come to you via the waysmanaged by one’s own and help one achieve the goals.

Figure: Ms. Han-Yun Chen (Left), Ms. Qian-Hui Yang (Right) and the Students